Saturday, December 4, 2010


I gazed through Hannah's strong New Zealand back and sexy swaying hips and grew lost in a haze of her physical beauty. Her inquisitive, innocent British face whose wide eyes probe deep, asking questions from an intelligent brain. Phys.Ed shall be fun! I felt sorry for Christine as I made my attendance rounds for she looked so lonely in the back of a Grade 12 Physics class. My arrival probably caused an even more tragic event: 1st semester recollections--now a casualty. Also on my rounds I stopped in Meagan, Erin, and John's class making a casual effort to glance at HER and concentrated one to be funny. Consequently, her laugh did serenade my lonely ears. Mark S. can be extremely inconsiderate, making remarks which I classify as "Divorce Dialect" (bitterness--Freudian--from his parents' split). The Bachelor Auction controversy began, with Andrew P. receiving the bulk. Geoff tries too hard to point out a victory over me, where I have slipped and he is right. I cannot classify this superiority "complex." "Complex" leads me to psychology and perhaps jealousy. Sarah grazed and glanced past/in our Accounting class and I melted.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


It has been too long to relate the past 2.5 weeks concisely. Accordingly, I will omit: 100%/93%/93%, Krystina at Scream 3 (Dream 1--my arm being raped by her soft touch). Scream 3 Part Two (Meagan and some guy), Whitney at Geoff's, Krystina at Geoff's, Lakeport tourney win, Dave's chalet etc. This semester a fire burns anew, though only 1 (Hannah) of my fabulous 5 (Meagan, Sarah, Meredith, Krystina/Whitney, and H.) are in any of my classes and I will be conspiring with Ashley and Geoff then anyhow. Alas, Christine and the beautiful poems her smile would write on dreary days is gone. We only grin in passing. My second semester is always weak in comparison with my first. Last year I lost Meagan to the timetable, this year it's Meredith. I cannot complain for school is done at 1:00 and Ashley, John, Jeff, and I have a lunch club where we dine at each other's houses on a rotational basis. It shall contain an equal dose of repetitiveness and wisdom. I swam past Sarah in my low blood sugar nausea, but still noted her short skirt and taunting legs which seem delicate but have snapped my heart. I also lost Krystina at lunch just when I was beginning to love the fact that she loves me (maybe that's it with her and Meredith--oh, how are they on that list?!). Meagan gave me an affectionate "Hi Geordie" later in the day after earlier complaining when I brushed (not looking--always knowing) past her on the way to Gym with a halting Ashley. Christine touched my ass and I got flattered. 5 weeks until I burn/live/explode in Quebec. Luke is so immature.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was going to take relief these pages in the stressful/sweaty/un-confident/sleepless period of exams but an event today could not go unrecorded. Sarah and Katie S. came to my basketball game at CI today. They were the ONLY SWC fans in attendance. It was odd to see them there, for I thought I had painfully left Sarah behind (through immature avoidance) and she had remorselessly accepted (through indifferent acceptance). In fairness, she and Katie did sit with Sasha, Candice, and other apparent acquaintances. And where was she yesterday in our game against Grimsby?! No announcement was made about yesterday's game, but today's game was broadcast. Maybe that's it. Or simply, she was with friends from CI who were going to watch the game, and they coincidentally ventured. In my high dialogue I convinced myself Sarah was giving me a message that all was not lost between us. Certainly something small-growing is renewed in me. "Burn, Scott M., for your torture--unclean." After the game she and Katie lingered and I passed them out the doorway of the gym. Sarah uttered "good game Gor--I mean Geordie." You'd think if she loved me she'd know how to pronounce my name!? After countless practice and repentance. Oh well, the experience could not be marred. Like Simcoe, only I could not find a viable ulterior motive for this appearance this time. Occasional fans? Constant heartbreak. Katie grabbed my arm (bicep) saying, "Really good game." Krystina also did that today. I cockily took pride in my muscles. Though I would trade anything for her again. Oh dear, where is this going? Can't it, will it, should it, do I or does she want it to--end?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today lunch was again the highpoint as John, Krys (affectionate after countless lunch dates), Meagan, and Ashley accompanied my mind and spirit to 'ol kill-the-coronary McDonald's. The lunch table was ablaze with jokes, I acting as an arsonist. Meagan only made me jealous once when she talked of some boyhood chum coming to Quebec in March and apparently she hears "he's hot now." I engaged John to avoid this conversation though I lent more than an ear secretly to Meagan and Ashley's. Meagan cannot love me any more. Little things like the way back to school in the back middle when she forced her legs extreme right away from me (me--stupid--not realizing her body was pressed more to me). Next, in the library she encountered me leaving and her entering with a shocked, not unhappy, but plain look as we passed in seconds. Me only faintly hearing "Geordie" and me muttering "hi." Sarah and Andrea passed at "T" in the halls before first period. They glanced left at my hobbled, late, cold being and I detected laughter as if to indicate pity, followed by indifference. I take comfort in the fact it was once different between my bride and I. Andrea, that converted, ordinary, unthinking jezebel. She scorns my Sarah. I hear she said today at lunch (from Kate): "I can't wait until next year" because apparently "she hates the OAC guys," and, as an after-thought, the "Grade 12s too." That bitch doesn't deserve this attention, but the comment stung a little. After all, she is a French-Canadian beauty (Ti Pousse). Finally, at lunch John called Meagan sensitive and Meagan laughed at (in her mind) such a completely inaccurate statement. Sarcasm was her vehicle of rejection. John is right (this time). She tried too hard to be cold-hearted. I should sing her "Hey Jude" in its entirety (with naa-naas). I suddenly remember my main definitive, secretive insult to her: "she is identical to a child which is found in the wrong sex, demonstrating physical and emotional characteristics of the opposite sex, including small breasts and lesbian traits." If only she were gay and loved me like in March. Words (big and small) protected me today.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Meagan pained the day again. At lunch, I sat with her and a table of other girls. Talk was excited, as I held the stage. As the only boy, I noted that the topics could sway feminine, but I realized I could always draw Meagan back. Her laugh was perpetual, and she continually gazed at me expecting my next humorous outburst. In English class she walked by and gave me a wonderful "mock" dirty stare. I pondered why more boys do not love her as I do (in my insecure jealous nature). Talk at lunch included a GARY whisper from the collector (Laryssa) to Meagan when Meagan joked about sleeping up the corporate hierarchy at Zehr's. She appears tainted and touched when I think of her and him: that way. In spare she mutinied against me in the library by not following my table re-location. I muttered "big loss" to incite her, and I achieved. Half way through the period I triumphantly exited with Dave. After school, she approached me and said, "Don't look at me with that cocky I-can't-talk-to-Meagan smile." I responded with a loud "Hi Meagan! How are you?" She laughed, leaving. When I got home from our 6 POINT LOSS TO SIMCOE!! (unbelievable--"doubt us now haters." 6 points to the best team in the region) I heard that Laryssa and Ashley had called. I dreamed it was to discuss Meagan's newfound love for me. I only reciprocated Ashley's call. Not home. Laryssa. Not important.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today at McDonald's (again?! and always since I'm getting fat) I sat--for a brief stint (2 minutes=20 hours) with Meagan alone at a table. The line was so backed up, and she was waiting alone for her comrades. I turned down Krystina and sat with my former infatuation. She beckoned me and we talked about much of nothing (which always feels like a hell of a lot when it's with her). Mark W. killed the chatter with his obnoxious call to me: "Hey, Miller, are you on a lunch date with Meagan?!" (audible laughter from the infants). I was so red-faced, insecure, embarrassed that I bee-lined to Mark (across the establishment) and punched him. I can only imagine what Meagan thought when I violently departed, lingered there, and never returned. I inflict errors so deep into myself that they hardly become known to me. Mark S. angered me when he insulted "Wacky Wednesday" and threatened to axe it. He will burn sometime. Gord and I will preserve with our humour in tact and everlasting! (Though selfishly I am beginning to doubt his prowess).

Monday, October 25, 2010


Now that school has resumed I feel it appropriate to divide the major incidents which dotted today into 3 difference scenes. 1. Laryssa--at lunch Ashley and Krystina inquisitioned me as to "what's the deal with Laryssa and I?" They say I keep coming after her, and must like her. I shot these arrows (daggers) down by arguing that a) I was drunk both times b) She attacked me c) I don't like her--remotely. Thankfully John aided my defense. 2. Sarah (I thought she vanished?!)--I have taken painful steps to avoid contact, however today while Jeff and I took the alternate route out of English we clashed with my former heart-tormentor. Worse yet, we walked side by side, silent, shadowing each other's pace and staccato step. Jeff elbowed me as if to indicate I didn't realize her presence. I yelled at him with the excuse to awkwardly slow down. Heather saved Sarah a bit. 3. Meagan--we got our Prom pictures back and I looked drunk but happy with my bride. I was also wearing my now famous "Drunk smile" which Meagan chided me for. I made a joke about the decrepit appearance of her hand. She exited happily, exclaiming "I hate you" over her back at me. I love her again with a re-freshened love--still too jealous to be pure.